The Chef

A culinary artist and an ambassador for the Veneto’s classic, simple and healthy cuisine where the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference, Chef Tino Vettorello has always won the hearts of all the customers that frequent his numerous establishments. The choice of high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, combined with a wealth of experience both in Italy and internationally, guarantees consistently outstanding culinary experiences.

«Observing, touching, tasting and smelling the fresh ingredients available in the countryside around the Veneto, from the sea to the mountains, inspires me to create unique dishes that encapsulate my love of nature, creating wonders for the guests who frequent my many restaurants».

Venues &

Tino Vettorello, Chef, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, managed one of the top restaurants in Treviso from a very young age and in 1998 opened his first restaurant “Al Traghetto”, now Tino Traghetto, a restaurant situated in the heart of peaceful countryside on the banks of the Piave River.

He continued to grow his business by taking on a new challenge in Malcesine where he managed the Monte Baldo cable car restaurant, before going on to open the new Enoteca Veneta restaurant at the ‘Cerletti’ Wine Academy in Conegliano Veneto.

Also in Conegliano, his desire to expand led him to take over the management of the Ristorante Villa ‘Tre Panoce‘ and the ‘Prosecco Bar’ in Almati.

His love for his region brought him to Jesolo, opening the Tino Jesolo in the wonderful location of Cortellazzo near the mouth of the Piave River, 1 km from the Gulf of Venice.
Two years ago Chef Tino also opened the Tino Gourmet Restaurant in the majestic ‘Barchessa’ of the Hotel ‘Villa Soligo’, a prestigious Luxury Hotel group located in the Unesco Hills.

He also recently joined the Health Chef Scientific Committee, which promotes a healthy lifestyle through balanced and healthy cooking.

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Sport &

Chef Tino Vettorello has decades of experience of organising events, in challenging locations, both within Italy and abroad. Among Chef Tino Vettorello’s most noteworthy experiences of organising the catering for artistic and sporting events are:

the Venice International Film Festival, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Sochi Winter Olympics, thanks to which Chef Tino Vettorello is now recognised as an Olympic Chef by the IOC (International Olympic Committee); the Fencing World Championships in Catania; the Mediterranean Games in Pescara; the Swimming World Championships in Rome; the Open Golf Championships in Sciacca; the Cycling World Championships in Belgium; the America’s Cup in Naples and Venice; Vinexpo in Bordeaux; the Ministry of Health; the Biennale Arte in Venice; an event at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo; the Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals.

Chef Tino Vettorello also oversaw the opening of the Venetian Macao in Macao, as well as the opening of Italian restaurants in Kazakhstan (Almaty) and has also collaborated with international restaurants in Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), Monaco, Ukraine (Kiev) and Russia (Moscow).

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