of cooking

Through my work I wish to promote the use of the quality ingredients found in my region, carrying on the gastronomic traditions that have been handed down to me by my family. This, together with the dedication and passion I have for my work, is at the heart of my cooking.

«We Italian chefs have a mission: to pass on the excellent culinary traditions of Italy, regarded as one of the finest cuisines in the world. Under no circumstances must we diverge from it, even as tastes and the cuisine itself inevitably evolve».

The dishes
of the stars

Spaghetto with prosecco

Dedicated to Penelope Cruz

Rombo alla Clooney

Dedicated to George Clooney

L’orata spericolata

Dedicated to Vasco Rossi

Viaggio al sud

Dedicated to Lady Gaga

Risotto alla Moss

Dedicated to Ron Moss

Rosso relativo

Dedicated to Red Canzian

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